At Bridgedales Nutrition we want to provide the best quality products so you the farmer gets the best possible results from your livestock.

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We supply nutritional products formulated using the highest quality ingredients to suit all cattle from calves, suckler cows, store cattle, show cattle and fattening cattle.

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We supply high quality nutritional supplements to suit all breeds of sheep from lambs, store lambs, fattening lambs, breeding ewes, tups and show sheep.

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We supply a wide range of high quality mineral supplements and tubs to improve the overall performance and output of the complete dairy herd.

Products We Supply:

Mineral Tubs A wide selection of mineral tubs formulated using the highest quality ingredients for all livestock all year round.
Mineral Supplements A wide selection of mineral supplements made with the best quality ingredients for maximum performance out of your livestock all year round.
Protein Concentrates Using the finest ingredients such as full fat soya, Biosprint live yeast, fish oils and high calcium will give first class results. The perfect choice for growing and finishing cattle and sheep.
Vitamin Drenches A complete range of high quality liquid drenches to suit all types of stock all year round.
Liquid Feeds A complete range of mollassed liquid feeds for cattle and sheep especially during the winter months and turn out.
Feed Blocks Using only the finest ingredients of proteins, vitamins and trace elements. The ideal choice for in lamb sheep needing extra quick release protein and energy during the winter months.
Salt Licks Top quality salt licks to suit all types of livestock.
Deccox Tubs Using the highest levels of Deccox, the perfect choice for aiding with the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis in lambs.
Milk Replacers A complete range of the highest quality skimmed and whey based milk powders for calves and lambs.
Grass/Silage Testing A complete grass and silage testing service is available with quick results.

Bridgedales Nutrition expects first class results from all our products so we are a company you can trust and recommend.

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